Emina Sandal (Novi Pazar , 15 January 1982) is a Serbian singer-songwriter , actress and fashion model . It is popular throughout the Balkans as " Emina " , and in Turkey and beyond, " Emina Sandal " or " Emina Sandal " .
Emina was born in the Bosniak family in Novi Pazar , the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now Serbia ) . He comes from a medical family : father Nusret Jahović the cardiothoracic surgeon , and his mother Senija Jahović pediatrician . The youngest of three children in his immediate family : an older sister Sabina Jahović ( child psychiatrist who was educated in Prague , lives and works in Belgrade ) and older brother Mirsad Jahovic Turkdžana ( the first Turkish basketball player who played in the NBA)