Jelena Rozga (Split, August 23, 1977) is a Croatian singer.

Jelena was in childhood she attended primary and secondary ballet school, which she left when she had the opportunity to become a singer very popular Split group Magazin.

Singing career began in 1996 when he performed the song at Dora Aha, and won second place. In the same year she became the lead singer of Magazin. As a singer Magazine has experienced great popularity, and performance at Dori, in 2006 announced a solo career with songs Sorry little and do not call me Mary which soon became big hits. She published her first album Sorry little where there are numerous songs that have also become big hits (Roba sa mistake, my people my age, I know well what I ...) In 2007, the Split festival with the song My Lady, won Gran Prix. Won the same award again in 2008, because the song Give what you give declared the most listened to this year. On the YouTube hit Jeweller driven more than 21 million views.