Release Year: 1986
Cast: Scene Breakdowns: Scene 1. Barbara Dare, Erica Boyer Scene 2. Barbara Dare, Tom Byron Scene 3. Erica Boyer, Marc Wallice Scene 4. Candie Evens, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron Scene 5. Barbara Dare, Erica Boyer, Tony Martino Scene 6. Tamara Longley, Ray Wells Scen
Genres: Classic
Video language: English

Talk about your long hauls! This unoriginal series of sex scenes draped around a "slapstick comedy about two vacationing couples" (to use the studio press release) is about as moving as a rush hour traffic jam and as varied as turnpike fast food.
The vacationing foursome (Erica Boyer, Tom Byron, Marc Wallace and newcomer Barbara Dare) get their car stuck in a ditch when they pay too much attention to each other and not enough on the road. Soon the guys get some roadside aid from cutie Candie Evans at a nearby house, while the girls, left to fend for themselves, are rescued by Tony Martino, a tow truck driver who has a jacuzzi at home (that's the life). Meanwhile, Tamara Longley is surprised in the tub by burglar Raymond Dandee, who receives some special booty before the gang is all reunited for a group scene.
But guess what? This has all simply been an erotic dream of Boyer's while on the road (an original plot twist if ever there was one)! C'mon guys, with stories like this it's no wonder the writer and director didn't give themselves credits. When it comes to sex, stalwart performers like Boyer, Byron, Longley and Wallace have been much better served. Neophyte Barbara Dare shows promise (as well as cutting quite the fine figure), but over one-third of her screen time is devoted to the Obligatory Lesbian Scenes.
Add to this a soundtrack that makes the few lines of dialogue difficult to hear and some bad matching of daytime scenes that are supposed to be night, and you will find that Slippery When Wet is indeed a hazardous condition to be avoided.

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