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    18 Feb 2006

    BodyInMind - Viktorya - Slip - 63x

    Wardrobe function
    Added March 20, 2006
    63 photos of Viktorya by Voronin

    The FCC recently upheld a multi-million dollar fine against CBS for giving airtime to Janet Jackson's breast. Laws in Daytona, Florida were recently upheld allowing public nudity for women. Nude dancer Melissa Harrington was recently ticketed for being topless. Salma Hayek appears fully nude in her latest movie. A nineteen year old Polish woman was expelled from the high school for posing for Playboy. The battle over women's bodies continues. Some people want to see them naked. Others don't. Who will win? Fashion designer Vivien Westwood said the function of fashion is about eventually being naked. Let's hope she's right. This is certainly true in our model Viktorya's case. Her wardrobe functions perfectly as it slips right off her body in today's gallery by Voronin. And stay tuned for more news on this subject in the days to come. We're all pulling for those women who want to use their bodies as they please. When they win, we win.

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