Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

"I want to play a game," I say as I innocently approach my subservient loser who sits waiting obediently at the foot of my bed. "I want to cum three times," I tell him as I join him by his side. I inform him that if he can`t get me off three times in a row I`m going to punish him and he eagerly accepts the challenge. As he lays on the bed I kick off my heels and position my crotch above his mouth. Wearing no panties he quickly goes to town on my pussy, licking and sucking my clit as I moan in pleasure and ride his face. He makes me cum once with ease, then once more, and promise him a blowjob if he can make me cum a third time. Taking his hard cock out of his pants, I grab hold of it and tease him by placing it close to my mouth as he continues eating my pussy. He wants me to suck it so badly but since I fail to cum a final time there will be no pleasure for him! I laugh as I leave him hanging, his balls aching to cum as I refuse to help him out. How delightfully evil!

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