Michelle (Vicious Vamp) is getting ready to head off to work when she finds her basment door open. Thinking her husband is down there, she starts walking downstairs. But the second she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she is grabbed by a masked female cat burglar and is wrestled down to the floor. As Dixie starts tying Michelle, she assumes that she is very frightened, until she notices that Michelle is not even trying to resist. In fact, Dixie learns that Michelle is very turned on and the tighter Dixie ties her, the more turned on she gets. But Dixie still isn't going to take any chances that her captive is trying to get her to drop her guard. So to make sure Michelle cannot start screaming, Dixie stuffs her mouth with panties and wraps tape around her face and over her mouth to gag Michelle. This only turns her on more. Then to top it off, Dixie pulls Michelle's great big tits out of her blouse and bra. When Dixie leaves her to go off and loot the place, Michele struggles with the tight rope. However, this is not to try to get herself untied. She only wants to make sure that Dixie did a good job and that she is totally helpless. Sometime later, Dixie returns and starts to torment Michelle. She climbs on top of her and starts to rub her body all over. It becomes apparent that Dixie knows just how turned on Michelle is and this starts to get Dixie a little turned on too. But Dixie realizes that it is time to make her escape. So before leaving Michelle, she ties a tight crotch rope betwen her legs. She does this knowing that Michelle will spend more time trying to fullfill her desires rather then trying to escape and call the authorities. This proves to be a good move as minutes after Dixie is gone, Michelle herself to have a very intense orgasm. And it appears that she wants to have many more before someone comes to rescue her.

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