A customer wrote to me after seeing a clip I did several years ago of a real escape artist I tied who couldn't escape. He was curious to see if Alexis could escape, as she is somewhat of an escape artist herself. He has commissioned others to do an escape challenge with her, and apparently she escaped within 5 minutes. Here were the rules: I could tie her with any amount of rope and there was no time limit. No nudity, she was to wear just bra and panties. No groping or spanking. After she is bound she has 10 minutes to escape, if she fails, she is tickled. She can give up at any time, but after being tickled, she gets another 5 minutes to escape. At that point the custom part of the clip is done, and I can now have some fun. The clips starts with Alexis wrist already in a boxtie position. I bind her legs first, and then I finish thoroughly binding her upper body. The trick is getting the tightness right. I could tie everything excruciatingly tight where I know she would have 0% chance of escape. The customer wanted her to actually have a chance though, and I wanted her to physically be able to be in the bondage for 30 -40 min...

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