As told by Lilly The man in the white lab coat came and visited me again last night. Pitch Black and then all of a sudden a light clicks on. I'm standing with a rope around my neck tied to an overhead beam. I can do nothing as a ball is strapped in my mouth, and my wrists have been bound behind my back with tape. I'm wearing pantyhose, but the weird thing is that I'm wearing them as a shirt as well. I stand and try and make noise, but I'm all alone. Then, all of a sudden the man comes out of the shadows. It's the same man in the white lab coat that had me in the strait jacket the night before. I wonder what he has planned for me tonight. He runs his hands over my body, but quickly starts taping me up. He completely tapes me up from the waist down. I can't see much, but from what I can tell it looks quite pretty. He must like it as well, because I hear him clicking off some pics. Soon, to my he cuts my neckrope. The man never says much, but he orders me to turn around. I obey, but its extremely hard with my legs so tightly bound. He then makes me hop. I hop forward and then he orders me to hop to a post. I obey again. Once at the post I am taped to it...

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