A cartoonist by the name of Elijah Pink was the inspiration for this set. A lot of times in his bondage drawings, the women are bound with rope, tape, and leather. Rachel starts off in a leather harness, with her wrists bound in rope. She whimpers and yelps as I roughly manhandle and smack her ass. This goes on for a while, before a huge squishy ball is shoved in her mouth and sealed in with microfoam. To keep her in place, her leather harness is ziptied overhead. Her upper legs are then ziptied and then cinched with smaller ties. With her legs secure, I grope her a little as I decide what she needs next. Lots of clamps are what I decide on. Her nipples and tits get 6 heavy spring clamps a piece. Her eyes water up as I leave her for a while to adjust to the 1st phase of her bondage. I remove her gag once I return and put the waist of a pair of pantyhose over her head...

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