Cast: Summer Monroe

Summer called me up out of the blue one day and mentioned that she wanted to shoot some bondage for futilestruggles. I was a little taken aback as we had attempted a shoot once before that did not end very well. That was months ago and I had never heard back from her until now. It seems like she is in some kind of pickle and just needs the money. I feel bad for her, and am always willing to help someone out, and agree to a shoot. Since she tapped out last time, I'm not going to put a lot of effort into an outfit... panties and tight cutoff tanktop will do. With her wrists bound, I start manhandling and groping Summer's tits and ass. They are both smacked, before I tie her hands overhead. Her legs are spread and tied to a spreaderbar, before I continue slapping her tits and ass. Summer is very stoic and for the most part unresponsive... either very nervous, or maybe just a little repulsed by a sweaty man like me having my way with her muscular, bound, tan body. I order her to shake her ass for me and she immediately complies. I continue to use her tits as a handle to turn her any way I want, and soon they have popped out from behind her thin cotton tanktop. I continue smacking her ass and tits for a while, before tightly cleave gagging her and then oiling up her sculpted body. I'm guessing she works out. I raise the hoist and stretch her out a little more, until her heels are barely touching the floor. I then pull her legs apart a little further. I leave her strung up for a bit as I go get a few supplies. I return with zipties...

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