The bisexual tapes that dominate the market these days are generally shot in Europe or Brazil, only three scenes, and on the low end of the production values scale. Semper Bi is none of these and with five scenes, a thin-but-serviceable story, the titillating Marine- and bi-theme combo, and a sensational new Dirk Yates star, it is the best in its genre so far this year. It favors male/male action, but considering that one of the purposes of bi movies is to provide some cover for gay men in unfriendly areas of the country, this is a strength.

Jonathan West is the star and he is a star in all respects: handsome, butch, hung, well-built, genial. He’s also straight enough to make you hold your breath wondering if he’s actually going to suck dick.

We’ll spare you the suspense: He doesn’t. Yet. Nor, in this movie, does he fuck men. But he doesn’t mind getting head from a guy, and Diego Correa also gets to tongue West’s asshole (which we’d gotten a good, good look at while he was busy eating Jordan Haze’s pussy-thanks, Dirk!). West fucks Haze (who later has a brief girl/girl scene with T.J. Hart while they wait for Mark Slade to show up for a threeway), then Haze and Hart when he and Diego unexpectedly crash the threeway.

The final scene is a four-man group with Diego, Aaron Reeves, Matt, and Kendall. This is one of those suspenseful scenes where you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen (all these guys are “straight,” remember-well, maybe Diego isn’t), but everything you want to happen does: Ultrabutch Reeves sucks dick, Diego finally gets fucked (what a great ass!).

Most of these men are Marines who have graduated from various Dirk Yates amateur tapes to this “big” bi production. What will happen next for West is anybody’s guess, but meanwhile we have Semper Bi.

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