Ellen now finds herself standing inside. Her mitts are locked together behind her back and her leather ankle straps have been padlocked together as well. Another strap around her neck has been chained above. She is still blindfolded and bitgagged. She moans and struggles about for a while before her captor returns. She is to become his ponygirl and must first be broken down. He is delighted as to what he finds when he unbuttons her blouse. Might as well start with her ample tits. He uses her own crop on them. Poor Ellen yelps through her bitgag as they are repeatedly slapped. Afterwards he removes her leather mitts and laces her arms up in a leather armbinder. She is relieved when he removes her bitgag and blindfold, but before her eyes can even adjust to the light another harness, panel, ballgag is being strapped on her head. A few straps are buckled into place on her legs before she is picked up and placed on the floor.

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