Release Year: 2014
Genres: Cum on ass, Threesome, Rough sex, Pink, Mouthful, Hardcore, Ffm, Deepthroat, Deep fuck, Ball licking, Ass to mouth, Anal sex, Vibrator, Uniform, Socks, Skirt, Shoes, Shirt, Schoolgirl, Glasses, G-string, School, Indoor, Nasty, Girls (Hungarian), Close-up,

This story takes place in the future...when extensive and groundbreaking psycho-educational studies have determined without a doubt that it is actually beneficial for students to fuck and suck their teachers to get the proper motivation to earn good grades! Professor Choky Ice and his large tool are at the ready to implement this pedagogical theory, seeing how Mira Sunset (in the specs) and Ann Marie La Sante can’t seem to concentrate on their assignments. Rather than sending them to the dean for reprimands for their goofing off in class, he instead allows them to act out their randy urges on his handsome person. Ann Marie shows a precocious predilection for penis as she kneels before his jeans and soon is the recipient of his raunchy rod, with assistance provided by the hand of rebellious Mira, who soon joins Ann Marie on the floor to swallow some of that good teacher meat! Professor Ice understands, however, that in life it is important to be an active participant, and not just a passive receiver of the oral bounty of young females...and to demonstrate this principle, he gets Mira on the desk so that he can suck her pussy through her cotton panties and then on the bare, without such a barrier. With the skill of the seasoned educator, he encourages Ann Marie’s cocksucking in a way that bolsters her confidence and will soon send her back to her homework with renewed vigor and conviction. But to hammer these lessons home, he finds it necessary to lick Mira’s asshole and then to tug aside Ann Marie’s cotton panty crotch and bang her box. By lapping quim and fucking it at the same time, he shows how a responsible mature adult must multi-task to compete well in the world of the future. Still, he knows that sometimes it behooves the instructor to let his students take charge of the assignment and show what they can do without being he sits back and enjoys the wonder of Mira blowing his bone while Ann Marie licks his a warm-up, of course, for a boffing that will find him penetrating Mira’s pussy while Ann Marie laps at his nuts. Ann Marie then goes on to demonstrate resourcefulness by bringing a vibrator into play, without being asked...this is very promising to see! It shows that Ann Marie can tend to her own needs without being dependent on that Professor Ice can bang Mira’s asshole while Ann Marie cums on a toy! But to add the personal touch so important in education, Professor Choky suggests that he himself thrust the toy into Ann Marie a little so that she can lose herself in the sensations. Well, things are definitely looking up with these two of his most difficult pupils...particularly when Mira only too eagerly takes his sperm blast on her anus and then Ann Marie slurps it up as the glop oozes downward with gravity...yes, it looks as if these two are definitely on track again, and Professor Ice looks forward to seeing them ace their final exams!!

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