Cast: Cameron Dee
Genres: Female Domination, Blowjob, Handjob, Pussy & ?ss worship, Cuckolding, Emotional sadism, Chastity, Orgasm
Video language: English

Cameron’s step-boy hates his chastity. His balls are huge and red, but ‘sis’ says they are still “not big enough.” Her measurement with a caliper confirms, the balls could still get a lot bigger. The chastity needs to be on longer. Step-boy wants nothing to do with any of this. He pleads for his release. The step-friend decides to give the little whiner something to really complain about. She turns the boy’s body to the wall and beats him with her flogger. He just won’t shut up, even while being beaten. This really pisses Cameron off, and she beats him even harder. She really does not give a fuck about him. Eventually, the pain is too much and he drops to his knees. He begs to lick his step-friend’s ass. She allows, and instructs her step-boy on how to lick her ass. He does a pretty ok job. He licks her ass in two positions. While he licks, she reveals her plans for the evening. Step-boy is to serve her and her friends dinner, naked, in nothing but his chastity. He wants to wear an apron. Cameron says no. She wants her friends to see his tiny penis. He is really embarrassed, but doesn’t want another run in with the whip. He thanks her for locking his cock up and allowing him to serve.

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Duration: 10:51
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