Ellen is rolled onto her side and her nipples are soon clamped with some heavy duty clamps. Once again she's left to struggle, whimper and drool. Now that she's on her side, the drool finds it's way from behind the panel and collects in a puddle on the floor. Her captor eventually returns. He pulls up a chair and starts whipping Ellen's tits again with the crop. He asks if she's going to put in the special contacts. Poor Ellen has endured enough and is ready to do as she is told. He releases her, before lifting and seating her in a chair. She is chained to the chair and her gag is removed. As he prepares for what is to come next, Ellen sits quietly with her lipstick smeared all over her face. She looks peaceful and ready to accept what he has planned. At the end of the clip he pulls her eyelid open and you see the contact on his finger going towards her eye.

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