He started tying my wrists behind my back, followed by my upper arms. This is not the kind of dessert I was expecting. Recently he has been getting suspicious of me trying to untie knots, so to make sure that wouldn't happen he wrapped my hands closed with electrical tape. I was not pleased with the situation. He made me to the ground and tied my ankles together. Making it so my ankle bones were very uncomfortably rubbing together. Then tied another string from my ankles to my wrist, making me practically immobile. Forest was really starting to appreciate his dessert, but something was missing. I kept protesting and complaining how I still wanted real dessert. Then he remembered what his dessert was missing. He fastened the harness ball gag to my face, very tightly...with this gag i cannot spit the ball out. Forest stepped back to appreciate his quiet submissive dessert. The red ball in my mouth was like the cherry on top. All I could do was roll around on the floor while he watched. Secretly loving every minute of it.

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