Count the Ways stars lovable Justina Lynn and Yvonne Green, convincing as coeds in Tyler Reynolds' English class, where he reads them (and poor us, in the audience) endless snatches of poetry by E.B. Browning, Shakespeare and others.

The long-haired prof likes to shtup his students, and Perry stages these sexual interludes romantically, even in the snow (which looks a lot better than it must have felt to the thesps).

There's plenty of filler, with Joey Silvera on board, plus always photogenic Desiree West distracting from the lead actresses. Her Black boyfriend Mick Jones turns out to be the bad guy, threatening to fink on Reynolds for his coed behavior and blackmailing him (he wants some mixed combo action with Reynolds' girl friend in exchange for not turning him in to the school officials).

This is lame in the extreme, with a distracting & very artificial dubbing of the voice for Sybil, played by Beth Ruberman, another of Tyler's attractive conquests. For all its romantic gooeyness, the film basically trades in -girls having sex, as played by overage girls like West. So much for uplift.

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