Not only are these shiny gold strappy Zanotti sandals so very gorgeous, theyíre the perfect instruments to torment my shoe slut with. But first, itís going to lick every speck of dust off my pantyhosed soles before I use it as a rest to facilitate strapping my beautiful feet into these beautiful high heels. Iím sure it feels good to have some purpose in life. It would certainly be less than nothing if not under my soles, permanently. All those little chrome spikes that adorn my straps dig nicely into its fleshy front and back as do the ultra thin stiletto heels. Itís fun to bounce those spikes on ďmyĒ cock and balls! I love to see all the red marks they leave behind to serve as a reminder of who owns it while I go out and enjoy the evening. If itís lucky Iíll allow it to lick the filth from my soles when I return.

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