Genres: Vomit, piss, oral,
Video language: Japanese

In the old-old days when the World Wide Web reigned his power Dial-Up, were very popular so-called wheels with jokes. And who remembers this wonderful thing since ancient times, he must have been familiar with such a roller, which was captured east girl looks at the dinner table. It would seem, so what, well, sit yourself asian, albeit scary at the table. The chip has been that this is the Japanese did some incredible soup of his own vomit and others, quite a normal ingredients. In this way stuffing entire fist into the throat. But beyond all expect most blevotny (literally) at what point of the film - this is the Asian begin to absorb your culinary creation, so much so that some impressionable ladies started running back from the computer, so as not to splash the table one of the ingredients of this soup.

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