Studio: POVHumiliation
Cast: Lena Nicole; You
Genres: Small Penis Humiliation, Masturbation Instruction, Slave Orders/Commands, Ass Worship
Video language: English

So loser, how does it feel knowing you're going to go through your entire life without being with a hot girl, huh? hmmm? it's ok, you can tell me. i'm really sympathetic to rejects like you... lol!!! there's just no way we'd ever be with a loser like you! goddesses like lena nicole are reserved for only the best men, and they get whatever they want from dweebs like you! there's no denying them loser! "i’m probably out right now fucking a real man! and you’re about to kiss your computer screen! lol!!" speaking of kissing loser, have you ever dreamt of kissing a mean girl's asshole, dorkyboy? ya, i thought so! ever since those unobtainable girls in high school picked on you, you've stained your sheets wishing you could kiss and lick their asses, you weak pathetic pervert! goddess lena knows what a rejected loser needs, and she's gonna turn you into her personal, weary, mesmerized crack-addict!! she orders you around like the weak, sissy-loser you are, as you meekly follow her instructions to become a zombie ass-kisser!! she oils up her ass while she explains her strong preference for big cocks, and mocks you for never being able to measure up. "you’re like the losers at the stripclub! the lonely guys who pay me just to look! they’ve all got little ones. lol!!" she's gonna make you worship, beg, and degrade yourself in ways you never have, loser, just so she can laugh and ramp up your addiction! soon, you'll be staring at your screen with a dazed expression, crack-head, while she taunts you with what you can never have!! and when she orders you to hump your computer screen, you'll do exactly what she says, knowing it's the closest a loser like you will ever get to goddess lena's incredible ass! in fact it's the closest thing to sex you'll ever get, loser! enjoy the sensations of that cool, hard glass on your rock-hard little dick, wanker. not exactly what a real man gets, huh?? listen to her fake orgasms for you, as you fuck your computer screen like a cross-eyed, screen-humping retard! you need to go and find videos where goddess lena is actually getting fucked mindlessly by a real man! and then you can sit there, all alone, playing this video and watching what a real man gets to do to the women you just jack for! and before you're done, lena's got some special plans for that disgusting fluid bubbling away in your loser balls. don't worry loser, it's gonna make you even look even more attractive for all the ladies, dumbass! lol!!! time to whip out the credit card, sissydick! your tongue has a date with goodess lena's ass, and your widdle dick has a date with your computer screen!

Format: mp4
Duration: 9:24
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 8812kbps
Audio: 153kbps

File size: 618.7 MB