Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

In A Normal Neighborhood, On A Quiet Street Lives A Seemingly Normal Woman Named Heidi Mayne. She Has No Job And She Has No Friends. Her Routine Is Strict To Say The Least. She Wakes Up And Tends To Her Garden The She Goes For A Run. You Never Hear A Peep From Her And Her Neighbors Say She Stays To Her Self. Her Most Prized Treasure Is Her Grapefruit Tree. On This Day She Starts As Usual Tending To Her Tree Then She Goes For Her Run When A You Man Driving A Sports Car Pulls Up To Her And Begins To Flirt With Her. She Asks Him If He Likes Gardens To Which He Replies Yes. So She Invites Him Back To Her House To Show Him Her Garden. He May Have Taken The Whole "Garden" Thing A Different Way And Maybe She Wanted Him To Think That As Well. They Look At Her Tree And He Stares At Her Grapefruits Not Noticing The Human Hand Sticking Out Of The Ground. She Quickly Covers That Up With Some Dirt And Invites Him Back To Her Room. Young David Has No Idea Of What'S About To Happen And He Thinks That Her Flirtatious Remarks Are Genuine. She Takes Off Her Clothes And They Begin Fucking Like Wild Animals. Once David Cums All Over Her Belly She Proceeds With Plan. Oh What A Tangled Web This Black Widow Weaves Just For The Right Compost. Enjoy But Beware!

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Duration: 16:52
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