Release Year: 2015
Cast: Pristine Edge
Genres: Milf, Taboo, Blowjob, Cumshot, Creampie
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Dressed in a red robe your mom comes in to talk to you. She wants to make sure your not telling anyone the little secret that mommy is your girlfriend. If you tell anyone then mommy can't play with you anymore she says. man is sleeping so we have to be extra quiet she whispers taking off her robe. She talks softly to you as she lovingly sucks on your penis.
I would miss this way to much she moans. I love playing with your penis, it makes mommy so happy She tells you as she sucks. Teasing you and sucking you, you can't help but cum in her warm wet mouth. She swallows every drop. Good boy.. good night she whispers.
Scene Two: Daddy is sleeping
A couple of nights later and mommy is back in your room. She tells you everyone is sleeping. I think because you've been such a good boy, mommy is going to let you cum inside her You get instantly hard. I think there's a chance to get mommy pregnant she smiles. This is a special little treat for my big boy
She sucks you hard in her mouth. In you go She whispers sliding you in and moaning. Make mommy feel so good Mommy teases you and encourages you to cum inside her as she rides you. You feel it building as it shoots inside her, filling her up as she moans. One last kiss goodnight she kisses you leaving the room happy.
Scene Three: You are the daddy
I know you've been noticing that mommy's belly has been growing mom tells you. I just want you to know that this is you're little boy. You did this, you put this inside of me. Are you excited? She wants to reward you for doing such a good job. Do you want to have sex with mommy again? This time I want you to cum all over my face.
She has you lay down so she can jerk and stroke you. Then with your penis wet and hard she slides down on top of you moaning and telling you how much she loves fucking you. You get on top of her and thrust inside of your mommy, loving every second of being so close to her. She loves you so much.
Scene Four: Fill my belly
I want you right here she tells you getting on all fours. You grab her ass while you fuck her and she screams You feel so good big boy Softly screaming she gets on top of you and bounces. I love you inside mommy She screams.
You tell her that you're ready to cum and she quickly gets to the floor. Mommy wants it on her face she looks up at you with loving eyes as you cum all over her beautiful face. You were very naughty She giggles as she's covered in your hot cum.

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