Ultimate Alpha male Papa Kream is back! I know... I know, I am breaking some barriers here, and it was not an easy decision to make, I have never had a woman in front of our cameras and not to mention, I have never shared a cock with anyone else at BeefCakeHunter Land! But ever since I've had contact with Beefcake Papa Kream, he's suggested that his wife, Mendy was interested in "watching", it was not until I met her in person that, I found Mendy to be very nice and pretty, she is not kidding when she says that she gets turned on by a male to male encounter, so actually Mendy could be your new "best friend" LOL if you want to get lucky with sexy Papa Kream, that is...

I have been sending her copies of the 2 videos I made with her husband and she really enjoys watching them so I promised Papa Kream that after our second video I would give it a try to have a threesome with beautiful Mendy, they both got really excited and happy, and there is nothing I enjoy more... besides sucking, getting pounded, getting drilled, deeptroath, etc etc LOL than to see one of my Beefcakes happy, after all that is what we are here for and they are here to make us happy too right?

The scene was supposed to be a very bossy wife and 50-50 sharing of that delicious cock, but like you can see in the video, I noticeably went over my time... LOL but you can't blame me for being a little greedy, especially when sucking Ultimate Alpha male Papa Kream! Mendy was giving orders softly to Papa Kream, and I realized that her orders plus her moaning was making the scene so enjoyable for him.

Beefcake Papa Kream is very flexible and an excellent performer, honestly he should be a straight movie porn star already! We can appreciate in this video a lot more of his sexy body, passion and sensual details with his hands and face, his body was a feast! He dripped his whole salty cum directly into my throat, wow that was hot! Enjoy once more the Ultimate Alpha male Papa Kream!

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Duration: 27:13
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