Alex Tanner discovers a panty-sniffing Santa in her bedroom on Christmas!

Alex Tanner was home alone during the holidays in her dorm room, and she was exhuasted from a long day of Christmas shopping. She fell asleep in her bed and woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Santa Claus sniffing her moist panties!
The hot teenage redhead got up and began busting Santa's naked balls for being a dirty old pervert. As he was stroking his cock in front of her, she began wrecking his nuts with hard front-kicks and knees. After several minutes of hard kicking, Santa's balls began swelling up and turning red from all the impact.
He begged her for mercy and groveled at her feet, but she didn't from the brutal femdom assault on his genitals. After a while, Santa gave her an offer he couldn't refuse, and the sexy little redhead decided to make it a merry Christmas for her as well as the dirty old pervert!

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