Release Year: 2016
Studio: Futilestruggles
Genres: BDSM, Sexual Disgrace, Rope Bondage, Rough BDSM sex, humilation, spanking, electrostimulation, torture
Video language: English

This clip starts where Part 2 ended... The concrete block that Ginger has been standing on is removed. Ginger is tied to the post off the floor. Her feet are the tied. The ropes that were tied in her hair earlier are now tied off up and out to the same tie off points as her tits. Her elbows are tied tightly together. She moans as her arms are cruelly pulled up behind her and tied off. Her arms look like she's in a strappado, but she's not bent over. There's no way to adjust into a more comfortable position. He big toes are tied and then pulled down and tied off to a ring bolted to the floor. Black tape is than wrapped on top of her gag and around the post. Her tits are bound to tightly for even the heaviest clamps, so they go on her ears. It takes some work and Ginger squeals as it is done, but I finally get a rop between her legs. I tie it up through a ring and tie a concrete block off the other end. Ginger is bound in such a way that there is no movement possible, other than fingers and a few toes. She can blink as well. She does her best to cope as rope pulls her in all directions. I walk away leaving her to endure her bondage. Believe me, after a few hours of this her attitude will most definitely be adjusted.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:46
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2909kbps
Audio: 118kbps

File size: 550.5 MB