Cast: Amadahy
Genres: Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Lesbian Domination
Video language: English

Amadahyís boyfriend is on his way over, She and devon have been hanging out in the meantime. Amadahy knows that devon has a big crush on her, itís kind of cute. Devon could never replace Amadahyís boyfriend, but sheís kind of fun to play around with when Amadahyís boyfriend isnít there. Especially because devon is submissive as a little to Amadahy. Devon will do anything to make Her happy. Amadahy takes full advantage of devonís little crush. Itís amusing to her to subtly humiliate devon, most of the time without devon even realizing. Devon is blinded by puppylove. For example, devon would love to make out with Amadahy like Amadahyís boyfriend gets to. But devon doesnít get to do that. But Amadahy does invite devon to suck on her toes. It doesnít take much convincing from Amadahy to get devon to do degrading things. Devon will do anything just to be close to her crush. Devon does not have a foot fetish, she has an Amadahy fetish. Amadahy tells devon that it would feel really good if devon sucked Her toes. Devon wants to please Amadahy, so with little resistance she worships her friendís feet. It is her first time worshiping feet. Amadahy keeps egging devon on by telling her how amazing it feels. Devon is very eager to please. Amadahy is able to thrust her foot deep into devonís throat. Sheís able to deep throat her before devon gags. For as shy as devon seems, sheís turning out to be quite the slut for Amadahy. Amadahy rests her waiting foot on devonís large breasts, like a soft pedestal. You can see that the girl is being trained to be even more passive and submissive through subtle psychological manipulation. Amadahy starts to foot devon. She pinches the girlís nose shut between her toes and fucks her mouth with the other foot. Devon cannot breathe. Amadahy giggles. Devon seems to be falling deeper and deeper in love with her friend. And Amadahy has made the shy little into Her bitch. Thereís a Jennifer and lola clip highlight tacked on at the end for a little added emotionally crippling Les Dom

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