Cast: Cristal Caitlin & Leila Smith
Genres: Kissing, Fingering Cunnilingus, Lesbian
Video language: English

Cute blonde Cristal Caitlin looks gorgeous in tight white pants as she checks into her hotel, aided by the lovely Leila Smith on the front desk. As soon as Cristal reaches her room, she strips and takes a shower. When Leila comes in to give her a pass key, she can't resist taking a peak at the sexy guest. Thrilled by what she spies through the doorway, Leila climbs out of her skirt and jacket and enters the bathroom with a bottle of wine in hand, her tight cotton panties and white vest leaving little to the imagination. Open-minded Cristal's beaming smile lets Leila know she's welcome to join her and the hotelier climbs in still dressed. Leila pours the chilled wine over her chest, the cold liquid stiffening her nipples. The pair make short work of the wine, splashing it over each other, their hands searching each other's body, their tongues locking. With the bottle empty, the girls kiss passionately, their bodies tingling. Taking to bed, Leila's hand finds Cristal's fleshy pussy, the only part of her body still wet, and toys with her clit before dipping a finger deep inside. She brings her guest close to the edge before diving down and licking her orgasm out of her, her tongue probing every fold and crevice. And then itís Leila's turn. She grinds her pussy against Cristal's thighs before the blonde babe slides her body down the bed, stopping when her mouth can suck the redhead's wet clit greedily. Leila fucks Cristal's face, grinding hard on her until she loses all control, her body spasming as her orgasm takes hold. The lustful blonde isn't satisfied with just one climax and pulls out her vibrator, grinding it against herself as Leila strokes her breasts and licks her mouth and neck. This is one hotel where the guests always leave with a smile.

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