Elizabeth, with her natural, light brown hair and casual check shirt, seems at first glance to be a typical girl next door. She’s sitting at her kitchen table, typing on her laptop – but as she smiles to herself, we discover she’s actually writing “My Dirty Diary” and fantasizing about dominating her boss. Cut to the scene playing out, with Elizabeth binding her boss, Laima, to a bed, securing her wrists to the headboard with a long black rope. Both are naked. Laima, a gorgeous dark brunette with a shaved pussy and pubic piercing, lies back, submissive, as Elizabeth teases her nipples with the loose end of the rope, then gently pinches and bites them. The rope is used to whip Laima’s thighs before Elizabeth saws it against Laima’s shaved pussy. The line between punishment and pleasure blurs further as Elizabeth begins to lick and finger her boss, punctuating her caresses with sharp slaps. All the while, Laima is writhing on the bed, increasingly ecstatic. Next, see Elizabeth kneeling on the bed, straddling Laima’s face, and using the rope, looped around the nape of her neck, to pull it up to her pussy. As she is licked out, Elizabeth plays with Laima’s tits, then rope-whips her again. Finally, after Elizabeth climaxes, she kisses Laima’s body tenderly and the two make out. Is all forgiven? Now back in the real world, Elizabeth writes “To be continued…” in her diary and gets up from her seat, revealing that aside from her shirt, she is naked.

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