I love it when sluts profess to have limits when they really crave what they say they donít want. Itís so much better when they realize I set their limits for them. They just need to simply submit. This whore, for example, was always adamant it would never do full service. Eventually I get the truth out of themÖ that little thing between their legs always tells me the truth. Turning a human into my waste receptacle takes time, however. Training can be a lengthy process, but I do enjoy it fully. This was itís first time in my box so I instructed it how and when to flush, that its head hole is merely a bowl for my waste, and that itís no longer allowed to speak. Toilets donít speak, they just collect and flush! I even allowed it to sniff what it now so desperately craves. A good start, but thereís so much more to do!

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