A shoe-boi has to be very, very good to get my permission to even look at these gorgeous super strappy Louboutin limited production platform peep toe pumps, let alone get its tongue anywhere near them. Dont they look divine paired with my shiny black latex stockings? How much do you want to lick that beautiful red sole? The only way this slut is going to lick those soles is if it can lick my stockings without touching my shoes. Its been a good boi, but not that good. I only allow it to lick up to the first row of studs at the bottom of the platform. Thats where it belongs anyway at the bottom living beneath my platforms! Then I watch it stroke my cock until its ready to offer tribute to my heels by spilling its load on the floor in front of them. Of course, it licks it all up like a good boi. Such a lucky little slut being allowed to buy a beautiful new hand crafted single tail snake whip for me! I swear I spoil my bitch-bois way too much! Now that itís finally arrived it needs to be broken in, of course. So the little slut gets to be chained up while I use itís back to help work out some of the stiffness in my new leather instrument. It will get down on the floor later and grovel its gratitude for receiving permission to purchase the whip and for the honor of being my whipping boy for the evening. See what I mean about spoiling them? Sluts!

Total size: 4.0 GB in 13 files.