A sentient talking couch shares stories of the carnal activities of its various owners that it encourages to have sex on it. Said owners are an uptight female psychiatrist, a swinging married couple, a sleazy porn filmmaker, and a group of rowdy hippie musicians.

Director Carter Stevens relates the frothy story at a snappy pace, further spices things up with an amusing sense of cheerfully bawdy humor, and maintains an engaging upbeat'n'bouncy tone throughout. It's this latter easy'n'breezy sensibility which makes this hardcore item so much fun to watch. Naturally, Stevens certainly doesn't skimp on the sizzling sex scenes, with the usual pleasing plethora of straight copulation, fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation, and lesbianism. The sturdy cast of familiar East Coast porn regulars helps a lot, with especially stand-out contributions from ravishing long-haired brunette Beth Anna as the timid and inexperienced Alice King, Eric Edwards as Alice's affable, but insecure husband Bob, Teri Johnson as the bitchy Elaine, Leo Lovemore as the lusty Martin Davidson, and Paula Morton as the sultry Jessica. Albert Jaccoma delivers a funny and lively performance as wacky hippie musician Ritchie. The funky-throbbing score hits the get-down groovy spot. A hugely enjoyable outing.

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