Kat enters a mechanics workshop and imediately takes offence to what she sees as pervy inuendo from the mechanic. Before he has chance to say 'spanner' Kat has him removing his clothes so she can take a closer inspection of his nuts! Once fully naked Kat takes hold of his balls and slowly increases her grasp, pulsing and then twisting, making him gasp. But this is only the start. Kat continues to pummel his plums with a series of kicks and knees. She appears to have some sort of mercy to start off with as she kicks his balls lightly. But those 'light' kicks continue to get harder...and harder...and harder. Until eventually Kat is doing what she does best and has her foot snapping quickly and accurately into his nut sack. She tries to help him by suggesting he take deep breaths as she takes aim and swings, but no breathing can prepare him for those big kicks and the poor mechanic falls to the floor as the agony washes over him!

Total size: 1.7 GB in 8 files.