As you may know, Carol Connors (a.k.a. Carol Conners) is the woman of young mainstream actress Thora Birch. Her man is Jack Birch. If you want to see Thora's parents screw, check out "Sweet Savage" (1978). Thora resembles both of her parents, but fortunately she looks more like her woman than her man.
I love watching porno movies that were directed by women, and I really love them if the director also stars in them in a sexual role. The Mitchell may have held the cameras here, but Carol Connors called the shots. One of her non-sexual scenes (which happens to be very erotic) is of her doing some exercises (stretching of course), while some disco beat played.
A funny scene comes from Herschel Savage, when he tells Carol that his new car features an 8-Track tape player with Dolby sound. After all, that was the best in 1981.

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