Dia Zerva and Paris Kennedy are lovers who enjoy a freewheeling lipstick lesbian lifestyle in L.A. that includes sharing a residence and a large collection of sex toys.
One afternoon, when they are about to go to a barbeque at the home of Dia's boss, Paris annoys the hell out of Dia by deliberately wearing the same dress as the shapely blonde. Explaining to Paris that her boss is a p.c. butch lesbian unlikely to appreciate the frivolous cuteness of Paris dressing like her twinnie, Dia summarily orders her girlfriend to immediately change her outfit. But Paris is into being a little brat and insists that she will not change one thing about her look. Former marine Dia has no problem asserting herself over her adorable sweetheart and decides at once to spank the auburn haired imp into complete submission to her will.
Dia wastes no time in reddening the lusciously formed backside of her slim but voluptuous friend, turning her over her knee and spanking her hot pink. It being a sultry day in the Southwest, Dia also hastens to free Paris of not only the offensive frock but every other stitch she has on, revealing the fully naked form of her beauty and continuing to punish the naughty one on her upturned behind.
After punishment comes passion. Dia is so aroused from spanking Paris, and Paris is so turned on after being spanked rosy red by Dia, that they decide the barbeque can wait. Dia expertly straps on an eight inch phallus and, throwing Paris on her back, proceeds to possess her best friend's throbbing honey pot with the expert moves that only an adventurous, experienced and highly sexed seductress commands at her fingertips.
Spanking plus strap-on plus vibrating wand equals explicitly sexual and genuinely orgasmic erotic discipline in both parts of this breakthrough production. The fact that these two delectably pretty and lovably mischievous ladies are really best buds in real life is what brings a heady chemistry to our most adventurous female takes female video so far.

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