The bosses have an eye on the delectable and very voluptuous Sharon. With her spankable bottom and superb figure, they have some great ideas planned out for her. With the assistance of the other secretary, the delightful Tracey, they lay a trap for her. A selection of spanking instruments is laid out in the girls' office. The two girls start experimenting with them. The two men walk in just when Sharon is trying one of them out on Tracey's bottom.
They tell her that she has a lot to learn and demonstrate their techniques on Tracey and then they tell Sharon that she is to find out how each item feels. Tracey is sent off to get on with her work, while they get down to some serious punishment on Sharon. Her voluptuous figure gives them an ideal subject, which degenerates eventually into something much more erotic. But Tracey is curious! She peaks round the door, and is shocked to see what is happening. Despite her caution, she is spotted.
Next morning, her boss confronts her. He tells her that, since she is jealous of Sharon, some of the same treatment is in order. He proceeds to spank her, then makes her bend over her office chair for a thorough caning. Her glowing red bottom at the end is proof of the effectiveness of her boss's work

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