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Thread: Retro Linda McDowell Loops 70e Download Images 

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    10 May 2016

    Retro Linda McDowell Loops 70e

    Release Year: 1973
    Studio: BedtimeVideo
    Cast: Linda McDowell, John Holmes, Rick Cassidy.
    Genres: All Sex, anal, Facial.
    Video language: English

    This could well be the very first sex scene Linda McDowell. It starts with the original video recording of her reading Happy Prostitutes (1971), Xaviera Hollander, before disappearing in the excerpt from the movie City of Sin (1971). In the movie, her scene is much longer.

    Between 1971 and 1973, Linda appeared in eight loops (that I know of), six of which included the original video. She eventually retired in late 1973 after becoming pregnant. Her second (and final) full movie, Helen Beddoe (1973), actually shows it in the later stages of pregnancy.

    Total size: 816.1 MB in 5 files.

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