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Thread: Roxi Red - Roxi Red Vs JMac - 3000px - 75X (12-08-2016) Download Images 

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    1,575,123 Roxi Red - Roxi Red Vs JMac - 3000px - 75X (12-08-2016)

    Scoreland - Roxi Red - Roxi Red Vs JMac - 3000px - 75X

    Model: Roxi Red
    Set: Roxi Red Vs JMac
    Pictures: 75 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 3000px
    Release Date: Friday August 12, 2016

    It's Roxi Red vs JMac at SCORELAND in an epic match-up of man vs woman with gigantic natural tits. JMac can't believe his eyes but seeing is believing. Tape-measuring and weighing supply even more proof that he is in the presence of boob royalty, a girl that very few girls can measure up to, a genetic miracle of the mams. Roxi tells JMac how she likes a guy to handle her breasts. They may be super-huge, a pair of the biggest natural sucklers in the world, but Roxi doesn't like it rough and prefers the gentle treatment when it comes to boob play. When JMac palms each boob, it wobbles in his hands. Roxi jiggles them for him once her top is discarded. When he rests his head on her lap, Roxi covers his face with her knockers. Being a sweetheart, she asks him if he can breathe comfortably. So who needs oxygen? JMac can't wait to try Roxi out for size. She knows it and smiles as he undresses her, then sits her on the edge of the bed, dropping trou and feeding her his dick. Roxi steals glances at the camera when his cock disappears inside her cleavage, first as she's sitting and then when he straddles her on the bed for the classic tit-fucking position. JMac moves from between Roxi's massive mams straight into her pussy and gives her the ride she so richly deserves.



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