Forest came home and found me in my grungy clothes doing my chores. My least favorite thing to do. But apparently me doing "womanly duties" inspired him. But first he needed me to change into something a little more comfortable, well a little more eye catching to say the least. My tightest skirt went on over my pantyhose, and that was enough to be comfortable in. Forest wanted a little more instant gratification than normal, so the nylon straps came out. He secured my ankles and worked his way up my legs. Apparently my hands can't be trusted when the straps come out, too tempting just to try and get out, so he first secured my wrists tightly with some rope and for extra security measures added the nylon straps. And he then worked his way up my arms with the straps and secured them to my body. There were moments when I was having just too much fun wiggly about. He couldn't have that, so he added one extra long strap around my body and underneath my knees putting me into a little ball. I for sure thought I was done, and I thought he was just going to roll me around like that. But boy was I wrong. The leather mask came out as well as the panel gag. Creating anonymity to my entire look. With the mask and gag on it made me discombobulated and I couldn't tell which way was up. I wanted to fall over and curl up even more into a ball but I feared that if I did I would hit the bed or the wall. I kept trying to track the sound of Forest by his evil little giggle as he moved around me, but that just made me dizzy! But by the end of it all I could do was giggle and be happy!

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