Release Year: 2016
Cast: Julia Roca, Lola A
Genres: blonde brunette cunnilingus fingering kissing lesbian sex natural breasts shaved tribbing
Video language: English

Blonde hottie Lola and her Spanish lover, Julia Roca, are dozing on the couch, the sun's rays warming their bodies as they lie back in shorts and vests. Julia comes awake in an aroused state, caressing her boobs, her nipples stiffening at her touch. She gazes down at her sleeping friend and her hand wanders down inside her tight white shorts, touching her clitoris lightly. Lola lies sleeping, totally unaware of her lover's intentions. Julia lets her sleep and takes herself to the kitchen - she must let her friend sleep and control her lustful urges. She steps out of sight - maybe if she can't see Lola's gorgeous body she won't feel so horny. But when you suffer from hypersexuality, nothing can stop the raw sexual desires once they're upon you, and soon enough, Julia is rubbing her clit hard, her shorts around her thighs, her fingers toying with her nipples. She fingers herself to a quick orgasm, biting her lip to keep from crying out and waking her friend. Pulling her shorts up, Julia goes back to Lola's sleeping form. One orgasm is not enough for this nymphomaniac, she wakes Lola with a kiss, her tongue deep in her lover's mouth, and begins to unzip her shorts, popping the button with ease. Getting her fingers inside Lola's juicy pussy isn't so easy, the nubile babe still has her panties on! Lola's body comes alive as Julia grinds her hand hard against the blonde's clit. She pulls up her top and sucks on her nipples, kissing her way down Lola's flat stomach and pulling her shorts clean off. Lola's panties follow, the just-woken sexpot smiles down at her friend as Julia's tongue laps at Lola's shaven snatch. Lola writhes in rapture as Julia inserts first one and then two fingers into her wet pussy, fucking her hard and fast, lapping at her clit faster and faster as Lola's orgasm bursts out of her. At last, Julia gets what she was after, stripping off her clothes in seconds and kneeling before Lola as she plays with her tits and toys with her pussy. Julia wants it so bad, sucking on Lola's fingers, tasting her own juices. Now Lola takes those fingers and fucks her friend's tight hole with them. Julia's loud, orgasmic cries are silenced only when Lola tongues her mouth. Bucking against her lover's fingering, Julia's body spasms as her orgasm rips through her. She has come twice and the day is only just beginning. It's only right that her friend enjoys this much pleasure as well...

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:45
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7811kbps
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