I had just purchased some new lingerie and I thought I could be sneaky about showing it off for Forest. I put it on underneath my tight fitting jeans and sheer black tank top. In my most flirtatious form I attempted to do a little strip tease for him. He got all excited and took it to the next level. I let him have his way, he shoved me in the corner blocking me in so I dare not escape. He brought out the white rope and started adding a chest harness and crotch rope. He tied my arms extremely tight making them go tingly and numb quickly. I was then wrestled to the ground where he tied my legs together tightly and attached it to the crotch rope. It was hot and I was sweaty and uncomfortable and with every movement a new part gained discomfort. Because I couldn't be anymore uncomfortable, Forest stuffed 3 panties into my mouth, then added duct tape to hold them in. Apparently that wasn't enough he added an ace bandage over that.

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