Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

On the moon, there is the great Lunarium Kingdom. Inside a chamber Princess Lunatemis has to masturbate in front of Katsuma. She doesn't want to take off her panties. He encourages her to take them off and she starts to masturbate. He takes the panties and notices that they are stained with cum and pee. Lunatemis is embarrassed and she denies that they are soiled. Katsuma spreads her legs and gets up close as she starts to squirt. He yells out Emblem Steal and Lunatemis can't move, his cock is now huge and it's pointing right at Lunatemis. Fucking her roughly in difference positions he cums right in her cunt!

Katsuma is sitting on the throne and Lunatemis tells him to get off of it and that it's only for the queen. He starts to control her body and she approaches him. He sticks a finger in her wet pussy and finger bangs her. She can't resist and sucks his cock. He explains that each woman in Kingdom has a emblem that represents her rank. He stole her emblem while she creamed due to her punishment. Since he now has her emblem, he can control her. She sucks his cock and he cums covering her entire face and tits. Katsuma wants her to follow his orders, and she agrees. He wants her to find the weakness of a Senior Executive, Kaguya.

Later on, Lunatemis is getting finger banged and . She failed in her duty to find Kaguya's secret but she wants to get fucked again. For missions on earth, the Kingdom has created a fictional country of Moonland that has an embassy. There is clones of each woman and Lunatemis is a student named Luruna von Braun Moonland. She mentions that she only gets fucked now so she has no time to find out the information as she is in reverse cowgirl riding his cock. She doesn't want him to cum but he pumps a massive load directly into her pussy. In the morning, Lunatemis is still riding his cock and tells him that she needs to go to school and he shoots cum into her cunt yet again.

Lunatemis is dressed in her school outfit and Katsuma is in a guard uniform. She calls him a pervert since there is a egg bullet that's in her panties on her clit! In a field, she tells him that she found Kaguya secret. He tells her to remove her top and she exposes her huge tits that have egg bullets taped on her nipples. Katsuma starts to touch her pussy and notices that she never cleaned her body that is covered in cum and her pussy that is still stuffed with sperm. He continues to her in public then takes her in position and fucks her cunt. She is embarrassed that she is getting r*ped in public and that anybody could she her. While getting fucked she tells him that Kaguya weakness is him. They were friends and she trusts him. He gives her a reward that cum in her pussy!

Back in the Kingdom, Kaguya is bound in string above the floor. Katsuma tells her she wouldn't have failed her mission if she didn't abandoned him. She asks him is this is her punishment and he says yes. He starts to her breasts and body as she leaks cum out of her pussy. Removing the ropes there is a knock at the door. Lunatemis walks in naked with a dildo buried in her cunt! She removes the dildo and squirts cum everywhere! She approaches Kaguya and kisses her. Kaguya's body is getting by the princess as Katsuma tells her that she will lose her cherry to him. Lunatemis rims out her pussy then he sticks his cock inside her tight cunt. Lunatemis watches her get fucked and touches her own body. Kaguya starts to cum as he pumps a load into her cunt yelling out Emblem Steal taking away her emblem! Lunatemis then starts to ride his cock as Kaguya sits on his face. Both woman turn to face each other and they both cum at the same time with cum coating their bodies! Katsuma says that he will rule all the snobby female executives!

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