Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

Serena is flying through the air and lands on the ground. Katsuma has tricked her and she failed her her punishment will begin tonight! Serena is laying on the floor in the Castle on the moon. Katsuma is standing over her and he presses a button on the wall the transforms the room into a garden. She is wondering where she is and why she is naked. She is also wearing a collar! She asks him why he is doing this to her and he tells her to go over to the tree and mark it. Serena is embraced and starts to pee her clothing covering the ground in piss. All of a sudden his cock is in her face and he wants her to clean it. Serena starts to suck it and she doesn't know why. He covers her face with cum then puts his cock deep in her mouth again. She falls to the ground and he mounts her from behind and fucks her pussy. She tells him it hurts but she is getting used to it. He pops his cum inside her cunt and steals her emblem. He will return it to her soon but he wants her to find Oboro's weakness!

In the castle, Oboro is suspended in the air with tape covering her tits and pussy. She doesn't look happy. Katsuma is near her covered pussy and she asks why she is getting punished cause her troops would never have been defeated. He presses a button on a remote and the tape on her starts to flash. It's shocking her insides making her squirm around. Her pussy starts to leak to cum that covers her legs and she can't help it and starts to pee! She is sitting on a bed with pantyhose which she rips apart and he thrusts his cock into her cunt. She doesn't want it rough and he starts fucking her. Her bunny ears are flapping around as she rides him in cowgirl. Oboro starts to cum then he pumps cum into her pussy and steals her crest!

Back on earth, Oboro is in a room and notices Katsuma's clothing. She strips naked and starts to masturbate herself smelling his scent. She can't hold it and cums. He was hiding under the bed and surprises her. Spreading her legs apart exposing her wet pussy he makes her suck his cock then covers her in cum. She smiles as her body is covered. Oboro then gets fucked in position by Katsuma. He tells her that he will cum in her cunt and she doesn't want it since she might get pregnant! Cum drains out of her cunt onto the bed as she tries to fight him. Behind her, Serena tells her that she is so perverted! Oboro is shocked that she is there. The two woman kiss and start to each other licking cum off their bodies. Oboro then eats out Serena's pussy and she starts to cream. They start to scissor each others pussy together. They spurt out a ton of cum that covers their bodies!

On earth, a massive battle is taking place with Oboro watching. On a tower, Serena is riding Katsums's cock. Oboro contacts her asking when she will help with the battle as Serena tells her that she will be cumming soon while getting fucked form behind. She tells him to hurry up but not to cum on her face. He dumps cum into her cunt instead! She happy that he came in her and that she wants to be pregnant. Oboro is there and he makes her fuck her! They are teleported to a roof of a house as Serena watches Oboro getting fucked from behind. She rides his cock as she touches herself then squirts. Katsuma cums inside Oboro's cunt that can't contain his cum. She tells him that she will get pregnant now and Serena says that if they are both pregnant they will give birth together! Oboro calls her a slut and that they are now sex slaves!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 29:40
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

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