Release Year: 2016
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With the city in ruins, Ephanatica telling something not to come near her. She is thrown towards the moon as Katsuma laughs... In the castle, Katsuma tells Ephanatica that her punishment will begin! Her massive tits bounce as he starts to them. He wants her to remove her dirty panties. She does as she is told and spreads her cunt to him. He uses a finger and fucks her with it making her leak cum out of her pussy. His cock is out and he thrusts it in! She can't believe what he is doing as he fucks her from behind. He calls her a sex doll as he cums inside her pussy stealing her crest! She is not happy that she might be pregnant!

Later on, Ephanatica asks why she is there. The room changes into a office on earth and a clone of her appears right in front of her. It changes appearances from Ephanatica's blue skin to a tanned body with purple hair! Eva Guranada is open to all sexual advances! He her huge tits as Ephanatica watches. He starts to fuck Eva in the ass as Ephanatica can't believe what she is seeing. Calling him a pervert, she sees herself getting fucked in the ass! Eva tells her that she loves it and Ephanatica is hiding the fact that it fells good. Eva then takes a dildo and rams it in Ephanatica's pussy and fucks it in and out. Eva then mounts Katsuma's cock in her ass and rides him she wants Ephanatica to come over to her. Ephanatica slips the dildo into Eva's cunt!!!! She starts to get double fucked as both Ephanatica and Eva each other. Ephanatica spurts cum out of her pussy covering Eva in her cum and falls to the floor. Eva's pussy starts to pee on her!!! Katsuma then covers the two in huge stands of cum!

On the streets during the battle, Ephanatica has a dildo in her cunt as Diana Aman is watching in amazement! She is then thrown to the moon as Katsuma laughs. In the castle, Diana Aman is tied up and he starts to her massive tits. He plays with her nipples then tit fucks her and cums all over her face and body. Diana is on the bed dressed in a teachers outfit that her alter ego wore on earth, Daiyana. He plays with her nipples then rips off her pantyhose and puts his cock into her cunt. She has always been afraid of cocks and he fucks her cunt. Katsuma pumps is load inside her cunt stealing her crest.

Back on earth, she has her butt raised to him and she is embarrassed. He rims out her asshole then sticks his cock inside her butt. She doesn't want him to fuck her ass! Katsuma then cums inside her asshole filling it up with cum. On the moon, Diana walks into the chamber room wanting to know where he is. She is shocked to find a blindfolded Ephanatica sucking on his cock. She begs him to fuck her as her pussy is dripping cum. He slides his cock into her cunt and makes Diana move over to Ephanatica and she her nipples. She sits down on his face as she sucks on Ephanatica's tits. The blindfold comes off Ephanatica and she sees Diana sucking her nipples. Both girls kiss sharing salvia and they rub their massive tits together! He cums deep in Ephanatica's cunt then Diana mounts his cock and fucks him as Ephanatica masturbates. He cums inside her pussy and Diana starts to squirt milk out of her tits covering Ephanatica's body in cream!!! Both woman fall to the floor covered in cum as they call him their master

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