Cast: Mei

Mei Nakatsuka wearing a white one-piece in the Japanese-style room is an air of neat and clean atmosphere in the face down acceleration ing. But it is like a maids, is to receive the training in the future actor. Actor is order to turn back the hands in the tone that admonish such as pastor. Mei is and is tied iron, understood well the size of the breast. Body is small chest'm rich. "What are you feeling tied, body fidgeting and I will have" even while the actor speaks to her, nawashi was the going tied the limb that was taut and her young steadily. "Go kneeling open the foot" actor is ordered to the Mei as determined at confession to God. And, man is chastisement by adding a whip in her pure white body. Mei had withstood the sweet pain distorted faint facial expressions. The joy to be kicked upbringing She was likely to leak sigh.

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