Cast: Piper
Genres: Blowjob, HandJobs, Oral
Video language: English

Every day is a good day for a blowjob. Even if the day is as typical as a fall day can be. Today, Piper gives all her full attention to your cock, ignoring the rest of the world, almost as if that was the only part of you. She’s got her hair on her right side, blue laced panties outlining the curve of her ass, and she leans on her elbows, arching her back. You hold on to her waist as she leans in to let you enter her mouth.

You can only hear the soft, wet sounds of her moans of pleasure in the room. She holds your shaft to have better control over it. She kisses you on the tip, leaving a trail of warmth and wetness. Suddenly, she takes you in really deep, all the way. Taken by surprise you moan, making her smile. Her eyes are drawn to your rock hard cock, her fingers brush on your tip, creating an uncontrollable desire within her.

She wants to give you release. She swallows you as a deep as she can, pulling you out slowly, tickling the bottom of your shaft with her tongue. Her hand closes on you, pressing on your frenulum. The urge to cum mixes with the ecstasy of her touch. The first spurt takes her by surprise, she smiles and rapidly keeps stroking you. Your cum pours all over her fingers, perfect for her to lick them clean.

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