Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

Rei is back in the fluid tank and she asks Coryu where Fuko is. Coryu got bored of her and left her out in the streets. A video screen shows Fuko masturbating herself in public then she walks towards a group of men and starts to suck a guys cock through his pants. She is pregnant from the and squirts white cream out of her cunt. Coryu mentions that Rei is now pregnant with a baby or even Fuko's!!!!?! Coryu leaves the room and asks the girls to watch her. Rei mentions to the girls that any girl who disappoints Coryu seems to get bred and fucked. They don't believe her. Fuko is squirming on a bed in a hospital as she lifts her legs shooting cum out of her pussy into the room! Back at the headquarters, Coryu is looking on at Soko and the other girl getting r*ped from the . Shien warns her but she doesn't care. The cum inside the girls holes.

Coryu orders the girls to bring Rei to the birthing chamber. Rei laughs at them saying they will all end up like their friends. Coryu enters the room and fingers Rei's cunt that's leaking slime and cum. She massages her breasts and grabs them. Coryu finger bangs her cunt and Rei pushes out an egg onto the floor. Coryu watches the milk get captured into a bag as Rei cums again. She orders a bunch of guy to enter the room and injects their cocks with Rei's milk that enlarges their cocks. Coryu wants Rei to be gangbang in every hole! They start to fuck her cunt and ass as she spits out sperm from her mouth. Coryu is smiling as Rei is getting fucked and wants her to get pregnant again and that she will watch from her control room. She sends Shien down for the guys to stop fucking Rei as the girls enter the room. They freed their friends and tell her that she is no longer their leader. Shien get's as Rei hears that the mutiny as started and runs out of the room. A guy in the control room pulls out his cock and strips Coryu clothing off.

In one of the rooms, Coryu is bound in and one of the girls places a inn front of her. She tells Coryu that her virginity will be taken and it plugs her cunt. She is then with Rei's milk and the girl tells her the only person getting pregnant for milk now on will be Coryu. They inject her with more milk as Coryu pees. She thinks about Shien fucking her. More guys move in and fuck her creaming in her holes. In reality she is getting gangbang by multiple in her mouth, ass and pussy. The fuck her non stop as her holes get filled with slime. She pushes out more balls out of her cunt as she cums again. Rei and Anna escape to the roof of the build and are free!!

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Duration: 28:17
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