Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

Soko steps in a huge puddle of cum. She's looking at Rei who is laying on the floor covered in semen with a dildo buried in her pussy that's vibrating. Soko laughs at her and she's here to train her. Scooping up the slime on her fingers, she looks at it then eats the sticky goo. She mentions that she knew Rei's friend Anna and watched her get fucked. Soko is surprised Rei hasn't cummed yet even after one week of constant fucking. She asks about Fuko and Fuko is actually with Shien and they are going to meet Yamase. Soko injects Rei's cunt with the Milk drug and plays with her clit as Rei yells out Fuko.

Fuko and Shien board a train and she sees her fiancÚ sitting down. But, he can't do anything since they will hurt her if he does. The men around Fuko start to her body starting with her butt and cunt then move up to her breasts. Fuko tries to hold back but needs to cum. Shien is filming everything and Fuko can't hold back and starts to jerk off the guy beside her. Precum is leaking from his cock. A guy pulls down her panties and it's leaking pussy juice. While she gets fingered, Rei is watching her on the screen. Soko starts to her tits as Fuko is getting and squirts cum out of her pussy. On the screen, Rei sees herself getting fucked and groped on the train due to her Milk injection. She continues to cream herself as five guys walk in the room and start to her. A guy slips is cock into her pussy as she sees herself getting fucked on the train. The guy shoots a load in her pussy as she tries to fight to effect of the drug. Another guy puts his cock in her cream filled hole and fucks her. Coryu is watching both scenes on her monitors and watches Fuko jack the guys cocks on the train then makes them shoot their loads into her face! Shien takes her fiancÚ and Fuko and brings him back to headquarters.

Rei is laying in another pool of cum and her body is covered. Soko is going to inject her again with her own milk. She injects the milk into clit and mentions that her friend Anna is a breeder and produces a ton of milk. Fuko is tied up looking at her fiancÚ who is also tied up. Five girls enter the room and they pull out his cock and start to him as Fuko watches. She starts to drip cum out of her pussy while watching. The girls r*pe him as Fuko begs them to let her fuck him. She can't stop watching as her fiancÚ cums inside the girls cunt and Fuko creams herself and shoots out cum. Rei is getting gangbanged as Soko watches. She gets a mouth full of cum and a load in her cunt. Rei sees that Fuko fiancÚ is fucking her from behind and fucks her right in her womb and cums. Soko wants the guys to get the to start breeding her. Rei asks if she can see Anna one more time before she is fucked. Soko leads her to the chamber with Anna suspended in fluid. She kicks Soko and uses a bomb to destroy the computers and rescues Anna. Coryu over the loud speakers tells her it's no use and they escape into the air duct. Coryu tells Soko she will be punished for failing her and raise from the roof and bind her as Rei looks on from hiding.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 25:03
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

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