Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

Coryu is watching Soko getting fucked as Rei and Anna are trying to escape in the duct. Fuko is released from the wall and falls on one of the girls breasts that are covered in her fiancÚ's cum. She starts to eat the cum as another girl plays her pussy that is gushing cream. Coryu tells her that Rei escaped and left her as the girls put Fuko in a pile driver position and play with her asshole. The other girl stands over Fuko and a massive load of cum drips out of her pussy onto her face and she eats it up. The other girl injects the Milk directly into her clit enlarging it as Coryu shows her the video which Rei is fucking on the train and not caring about her. Fuko cums while getting her clit played with.

In the duct, Rei notices that her friend Anna is dripping milk out of her tits. A small is moving it's way out of her cunt. Fuko is now in a penthouse suite with her fiancÚ and she wants him to take her virginity. She starts to blow him and in reality she is getting fucked by a hybrid monster/human. A massive purple cock is playing with her cunt. She massages her fiancÚ's cock and he blows a load onto her face and in her mouth. He pushes her down on the bed in position and slips his cock inside her cunt. The hybrid monster is fucking her mouth and inserts it's massive cock inside her pussy. She screams out telling her fiancÚ to not fuck her so deep. They both blow a huge amount of cum side her mouth and cunt flooding it. Her belly expands as Rei rips off the hybrids and kicks him to the floor. She tells the girl holding Fuko legs to leave and she carries out Fuko. Coryu watches them in the hallway from her screen as the girl who failed her starts to get fucked by . Fuko is rubbing her now pregnant belly then pushes the alarm switch by the wall. Rei asks her why she did it but she doesn't answer her. A huge wave of water hits them and Rei passes out.

Rei wakes up and she is now in a chamber covered with liquid. Coryu is with Fuko who is now in a bondage outfit and Coryu tells her that she will now start to get fucked with the small that will invade her holes. The little creatures enter her cunt and pussy and Fuko wants to get her pregnant. Rei is now bound from the ceiling and Fuko is behind her. Fuko starts to grow a cock and says that she needs to feed the bugs that are in Rei's pussy. She starts to fuck her pussy then puts a second cock into her asshole hole. She fucks Rei's holes deep while the baby are in her holes. Cream starts leaking out of her cunt as Fuko cums. When she pulls out, a massive pool of cum escapes from both her holes with baby mixed in. Fuko bends down looking at the river of cream flowing out of her cunt. Coryu mentions to the girls that anybody who fails her will be subjected to that type of treatment!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 24:49
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

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