Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

A girl is being gangbanged by seven guys under a spot light in a room. She is forc*d to sit down on a guys dick and rides him. Her arms are tied behind her back as she is watched by other woman and the leader of The Twelve Angels, Coryu. A beast is brought out and it slimes it's way up her body as it ties her arms and attaches itself to her cunt and face. Inserting into her various holes, it fucks the girl then pumps massive amounts of cum into her body. It enlarges her stomach with cum and the guys around her jack off their cocks and pump their loads covering her body.

The "Milk" is extracted from the nipples of woman who have been shot up with semen. When the semen fertilizes their eggs, they immediately gain the ability to lactate. The egg reacts to the pleasure flowing in the woman's body and mutates. The sex cells of the remain inside the female body, granting her eternal pleasure. Since the pleasure is too intense to tolerate, the females lay their eggs releasing everything with them. These woman are called "Cows".

Parked in a car, Rei Kirisawa and Fuko Izumi who are Special Duty Agents discuss that there is a Milk factory near there. They loose communication with headquarters and Rei decides to go inside. They find a girl in some rubble but Shien Chou is behind them. Rei and Fuko loose the fight and the girl was Coryu! They are now captured. She mentions to Rei that they captured her friend and she became a very good Cow for the milk she produced. Every SDA is placed with a antidote to the Milk drug but it will loose effect if they give in. They are separated and there's five guys with Rei. They pull off her suit and mention their cocks are genetically enhanced. They lower Rei onto a cock and he puts it in her pussy. They gangbang all her holes and she slowly starts to loose control.

Coryu enters another room where Fuko is bound to the wall. A machine removes her clothing and Coryu says she is still a virgin and that she is only saving her for her fiancÚ, Yamase. Coryu her pussy saying she is very wet and it's from watching Rei getting gangbanged. She eats her out and finger bangs her little pussy as Fuko starts to loose control and beg to cum. She wants the boys to play with Fuko but to keep her virginity for him. Rei is sitting down on a cock and is sucking two others, then get's a cock inserted into her asshole. Doubled fucked, she can't loose control or the Milk will effect her. One guy pops inside her asshole and the other cums her in cunt. Another group of guys moves in taking the others places. Fuko is bound hanging from the ceiling and is licking a guys cock and cums again. They touch her body rubbing her cunt making her cream. She starts to beg for cock and looses control. Coryu makes her beg for it and Coryu jerks the cock that cums right in her face and then feeds her the cum. Rei has mounted another cock and her stomach is full of cum. She collapses to the floor and a guy pushes down on her stomach making the cum to shoot out of her pussy and then she starts to pee.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 25:01
Video: 960x720, AVC (H.264)

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