Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime smplace

Iris asks what secret. Riruru's secret is that she is part Elf. She strips off her clothing and then removes her panties and a massive cock is above her pussy!!! She mentions it only becomes erect when she meets another Elven lover. She strokes her massive cock and points it at Iris's face. Iris doesn't want anything to do with it and stops her. Riruru says it's ok, but she wants to take her to town to show her something.

Iris looses site of Riruru and wanders into a huge arena. Riruru yells to Iris that she's over here and calls in the duck people. A ton of "Duck" creatures surround Iris and she tells them that they won't hurt her unless she makes them all cum! The ducks start to and abuse Iris with their huge cocks. They make her suck them and they stick the huge cocks right into her pussy making her cum. One of the ducks shoot off in her pussy. Riruru comes down to the floor and says that she wants to ducks to fuck her also. She rides one duck while jacking off two others. Iris watches Riruru get gangbanged as more cocks surround Iris's face and shoot cum over her.

Iris wakes up with Riruru watching her, and she tells her next customer is arriving. A giant fly creature flies in and mounts Iris and uses it's claws to scr*pe her body then a giant yellow cocks emerges from it's body and starts to fuck her. Riruru is watching the r*pe from the screen room and is jacking off her own cock while Iris gets fucked. It's massive cock pumps Iris's pussy and cums deep inside! Riruru can't hold back once the insect cums and pumps a load of her own onto the screen covering it in cream!!

Iris wakes up as Riruru is fixing her wounds from her body. She mentions that she is horny from watching her get fucked by the various creatures. She want's to fuck Iris herself but she tells her to stop. Iris is brought to her next customer. It's a scientist named Doctor D and it suspends Iris in the air and attaches ropes to her body. Using some equipment he wants to test, she is hooked up to a machine that will send his brain into hers so both their minds are one. He/She fucks his/her self and then he/she pulls out its/theirs massive cock that pumps cum into its/their wombs. After the confusing sex, Iris makes her way along the hallway and Riruru passes her telling her the gate will be unlocked for her to escape!

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Duration: 27:45
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